Innovation space

The New Infosumerist considers the space between what we read about current trends and forecast for the future as a very innovative space,a window of Discovery.We read and study the history and current technology of a topic, then read about the future of the same topic.These readings are compared to each other to look for patterns or ways to combine the two in a New way.The laser like focus of a New Infosumerist includes being informed on current and historical aspects of a topic or interest,so you become versed in the entire breadth of knowledge with a focus on New information.

jgrant 02 - 06 - 2016

This is a very informative and exciting article about New and Novelty and its impact  to the human brain.The article explains how our brains are made to be attracted to the novel and new in our lives.This attraction also helps in memory and learning.

Why getting New things makes us feel so good: Novelty and the brain.

  • .As we review articles of interest, The New Infosumerist uses our own filter for NEW, when we comment on the articles.It is this filter of New that keeps are thoughts moving forward,learning for the future.I (The New Infosumerist) ask all my readers to develop New filters in their focus on information

  • Disrupt your old ways of search and research,build a body of New information to use in your daily life.I am writing about being proactive and strong for the future.You are the only person that can change your future.Join with The New Infosumerist and bring about positive change for yourself and others,be strong,be smart be a New Infosumerist.

Being successful on youtube
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Know your personal data to survive on the Internet of things

The New Infosumerist is encouraging readers to develop an understanding of your personal Data in the Future.We are seeing more IOT ( Internet Of Things ) devices with sensors on the Web.Many people want to know where our data is coming from and who it is going to.The sensors embedded in our home; appliances, wearable health monitors reveal much data about our lives at home so we need to know what it all means.So get busy form groups at work,or at home and research the past,present and future of Data in our  life.This research will make you feel more in control of your life and future.

When you are on your path to personal innovation and self improvement create a focus of New in your mind.

You can remember the feelings you had when you got  that New car, or as a child that  New toy at Christmas,the excitement you felt then is important for learning and  motivating yourself with the excitement of New.

The secret to prospering in the future is to stay in a mindset of new that will help you spot and see new ideas and opportunities in the fast changes that we will experience in the near future.Stay ahead of the crowd form a New Infosumerist mindset.Take charge of your future,no one else is going to do it for you.The act of doing it yourself empowers you and then you wont want anyone, to do what you can do yourself.


Wait ! Internet search is about to change 

August - 09 - 2015 - JGrant

The New Infosumerist has been writing about search and research as a good skill set, and reading this article gives good insight into the future of Internet search and how it will affect our future in an exciting helpful way.Forget Searching For Content - Content Is About To Start Searching For You

The good information in this article tells us to prepare for this exciting New innovation by setting properties and parameters so search can find us.The New infosumerist has its focus on New and future information as topics we want the search engines to find for us.


Going forward; what are the questions we ask about  New Info repositories,databases of new knowledge.The Web is mankind's master database or knowledge repository,all the knowledge of the world is moving to the Web.We all can research and create New Info,and the knowledge of man is expanding exponentially,but the greater question is will we be able to get to it or use it.

  • Will we have access
  • Will Corporations control the knowledge of man or the Government have control
  • If we have access what skills must we know to explore them and use them effectively
  • Who will control this knowledge,will it be free to all like wikipedia and others, will the Internet remain open and free to access

The new video below is a high energy look at success with Youtube,which could be a part of your life rebuild.

Why focus on New?


September - 09 - 2015

We focus on New because people have  a hunger for New and the novelty of New  and different is exhilarating.Many people like new products,ideas or gadgets.New cars, new house who doesn't like New things.In these times of disruptive change you need to keep your eyes on New because that is the future.

The New Infosumerist believes that as technology and society changes rapidly we need to focus on "New Information"  to be in sync with the future.The creativity and innovation required to be inventive and creative will need such a focus.If you want to work,learn or play in the emerging future, you need to act upon this window of opportunity.The future creators, makers  and inventors need to be in a creative innovation space to see the patterns and new ideas and concepts by  using knowledge they have and future knowledge they will learn.This is why we focus on New.

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